While going to the dentist is nothing more but a routine check-up for adults, it is, on the contrary, a dreadful experience for kids. Visits to children’s dentists scare 20% of school-aged children. You must know that kids dental care is as essential as it is for adults, and not going to the dentist will have either short or long-term effects on kids’ oral health. The idea of lying on a chair in a room with metallic objects and an unfamiliar person putting those objects in your mouth might creep out the kids. Along with the help of parents, it is necessary for the children’s dentist to create a healthy and friendly environment so that they do not get scared. For parents to give their children a pain free dentistry Ontario experience, the following are the tips they should take into account:

Start at the child’s early age

The earlier you take your children to the dentist, the better it is. The reason is that they will start familiarizing themselves with the dental environment and eventually begin to feel at home. This will slowly vanish their fear of dentists and all those metallic objects. Therefore, it is recommended that once the child’s primary tooth is visible, you should start paying visits to the dentist.

Don’t teach them to be scared

Parents often do not realize this, but most of the time, they are responsible for inculcating fear into the kids. One must understand that fear is not a human trait; it is something that is acquired. You need to make sure you are correctly guiding your children about the dentist. Make the children’s dentist visit seem fun to them. Try to have them understand how it is essential for their oral hygiene.

Schedule a pre-appointment visit

The best thing you can do is to schedule your children’s pre-appointment visit with the children’s dentist. This will allow them to get to know the dentist beforehand. Once familiar with the doctor, there will not be any room for anxiety and discomfort for the kids. Furthermore, if the children’s dentist is friendly, there will not be any problem adjusting. Thus, once children are comfortable with their children’s dentist, they will not hesitate from the check-up.

Be a good role model

Children imitate whatever their parents do. If you are a good role model for your children, they will learn healthy habits from you, such as flossing your teeth and brushing them regularly. You can also make your kids accompany you to your dental visits. Have your children analyze the room and what the dentist is doing to your teeth. Smile at them when you are being examined to ensure that it is not painful or uncomfortable. After your check-up, tell your kids how good you feel and how important it is to get your teeth checked every once in a while. This encourages them to have their teeth examined as well and eliminate any fear.

Read books to them about children’s dentists

Read books to your children that highlight the importance of kids’ dental care. However, make sure those books are fun. Use colorful books with pictures to create a positive image of a dentist in their minds. Many books about visits to the dentist are available, which have fun characters going to the dentist and sharing funny things. All this will make kids understand that going to the dentist is not a scary thing.

Role Play

Sometimes, it is best to act in a situation with children to help alleviate their fears. For example, if you play dentist office with your children, it will help them understand the clinic’s environment. This will also give an insight into the dental operations and help them prepare for their visit to the dentist. Set a chair and become the dentist yourself, examine your children’s teeth, and tell them to look after their teeth regularly. There is also dental equipment available in the market for kids to play with; you can use those to help educate your children. Moreover, after the check-up, don’t forget to give them a sticker. This will boost their confidence, and they will be prepared better for the actual visit.

Distract the kids

There is a possibility that your kids’ dental visit might end up with them crying and creating a scene. To avoid this, you must first make them comfortable in such an environment. Make jokes with them and have them stay in a jolly mood. Ask the dentist if you can accompany your children inside for the first visit. If so, keep talking to them during their check. This will keep them distracted and give them the confidence that their parents are around them. On the contrary, if you are not allowed to go inside, you can give them their favorite blanket or stuffed toy to hold during the check-up. This will keep them distracted and comfortable at the same time.

Stress the importance of good oral hygiene

Kids dental care is crucial to keeping their teeth clean and healthy. Tell your children the importance of good oral hygiene. Talk to them about the benefits of clean teeth and visits to the dentist. Make them aware that if they do not take care of their oral hygiene, it will cause problems for them in the long term. Make sure your child understands the importance of keeping every body part clean. This will make their dental visits easier and comfortable.


It is the parents’ responsibility to make their kids visit the children’s dentist whenever required. Of course, children are mostly scared of going to the dentist, but if the parents follow the tips mentioned above, it will make their job a lot easier. Consequently, the children’s dentist should also be friendly and polite towards the children to enable a healthy interaction.